Grandport Academy


Mr. Tandy
Grandport Academy Principal

Mr. William Tandy is the Principal of Grandport Academy as well as the founder of Live to Learn Educational Consultants, a program designed for at-risk students to either graduate from high school ready for today’s job market or to achieve their dreams of going to college. He has been one of this State’s most aggressive and out-spoken developers of youth, consistently demonstrating a great talent for motivation and leadership. As the principal of Grandport, Mr. Tandy provides his students with counseling, tutorial services, male/female responsibility, test preparation, social development, character education and a host of other academic and life skills in order to help students properly prepare for high school.

Tandy attended Tennessee State University where he obtained a Bachelor of Art. He holds a Master’s Degree from the School of Social Work (Mental Health) and an Ed. Specialist in Educational Leadership both from Wayne State University.

Tandy believes that children are born but responsible adults are made. This is why he gives a great deal of his time and has dedicated his life to this world’s most precious resource…our children.


Mrs. Williams
Grandport Assistant Principal

My name is Sonya Williams and I am extremely happy to join the staff of Ecorse Public Schools as the new Assistant Principal. I’m very passionate about education and I look forward to partnering with you to provide our students with a rigorous, engaging, and high-quality school experience.

I come to you with over 13 years of experience as an educator. I earned a Bachelor's of Arts degree in Elementary Education from Eastern Michigan University. While teaching 5th grade, I received a Master's of Arts degree in Educational Leadership from Grand Valley State University in Grand Rapids, MI. I became an administrator while working at a K-8 charter school in Ypsilanti, MI.

My decision to become an administrator came from a strong desire to make a positive impact on an entire school community. As the Assistant Principal, I will work diligently with our faculty and staff to carry out the vision and mission of Ecorse Public School. I believe that as a school, we play a fundamental role in positioning students for future success. I am committed to working closely with teachers, parents, and community members to ensure our children achieve their full potential and are prepared for the next phase of their education career. I believe when we set our expectations high, students will strive to achieve them. 

I look forward to working with you as a team to help each student at Ecorse Public School meet their goals and have a successful school year!

 Sonya Williams